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Bagmate by Hookit

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Customer Awareness Material

Don't forget to compliment your Bagmate order with our clever Customer Awareness Material, which should always be used in conjunction with Bagmate as a deterrent to thieves and a reminder to both staff and valued customers. We also recommend educating new clientele with a friendly reminder integrated into your company welcoming salutation!

Brochure and Price List 2013

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Phogsbreatheter Josefski, Hogs Breath Café Australia/New Zealand

"The feedback from Hog's Breath Cafe Cleveland has been fantastic. With the assistance of the staff informing as many guests as possible that the hooks are there, the feedback has been very positive. Many of the guests are familiar with the product and are very excited about Hog's Breath Cafe having them. Hand bags are the main users but nappy bags have also been very popular allowing for the pram to be moved away from the table. In all, we are very happy with Bagmate and the comment from both staff and guests. As Hog's Breath Cafe Development Manager, I am very confident that Bagmate by HOOKIT will be a very popular product in all of our stores across Australia and New Zealand."



marinersDavid Stielow, Mariners Restaurant, Hamilton Island

"What a good idea! Our restaurant prides itself on an exceptional level of service and Bagmate is going to contribute a positive touch to our guest's dining experience"



Susan Joseph, Jindabyne NSW

"Can't believe this hasn't been available before, brilliant idea. No more wigging out about my prada on dirty floors"





Richard Cavill, Cav's Steakhouse, Gold Coast

"A very innovated idea that our customers appreciate 100%. We had Bagmate installed for two weeks for market testing and the response from our customers was 100% positive. We didn't realize how many bags were laying around on our floor until they weren't and were hanging off Bagmate."



Donna Brumby – Noosa Springs QLD

"Ever since Jen told me about this idea I have been waiting with baited breath for it to appear everywhere, and fast. We girls meet every week and will definitely book a restaurant with bagmate over one without "



Kim McKee – Sunsail Australia, Hamilton Island

"I dine in restaurants at least four times a week with clients and suppliers and I find placing my very expensive handbags on the floor very awkward, unhygienic and not to mention damaging to my bags. I am very impressed with the Bagmate and find myself choosing restaurants using Bagmate over those that don't."